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New India Assurance

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Mutual Funds

HDFC Mutual Funds, Reliance Mutual Funds & Axis Mutual Funds

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Why Choose Us ?

At Eleganz, we believe that every dream - and the person who dreams it - is special. Throughout our history, we've been putting the needs of our clients first. That's an approach each one of our Advisors believes in. While our Financial advisors know a lot about finances, they don't know a lot about you, at least initially. We take the time to listen to you and understand your dreams & goals, because our mission is to help you reach your goal. The history of serving clients, strong capital base, broad capabilities, proven business modal and experienced management team combined with our strong values - have helped us create a legacy.

Investment Management

Mutual Fund, Fixed Deposits, Bonds and Securities, Company FDs....

Insurance Management

General Insurance, Life Insurance, Health Insurance, Accident Insurance...

Primary Activities

Post Office Saving Schemes, Retirement Management, Banking Service-Loan/Deposites, National Pension Scheme....

Secondary Activities

Income Tax Filing, PAN Services, Aadhar Servicing, Driving License (Assisted Training), Fast Business Centre....

Our Offering :

We offer a full range of personalized financial advisory services that are focused on your needs and aspirations, and help you stay on the path towards achieving them. We've created three distinct offerings to help you choose how to best work with Eleganz.
With each of these offerings, you'll have the support of one of our highly trained Financial Advisors and Experts, access to experienced and qualified investment specialist, and the reach to over 100 financial services firms to meet your needs and requirements.


ELEGANZ FINANCIAL is India's leader in financial planning. It has pioneered the financial planning process year ago. It's unique Dream > Plan > Action approach is about more than just numbers, It's both science and art.

How can help you ?

We help you realize your dreams & goals at Eleganz, we work eith our clients towards achieving their dreame and goals through objectives and qualified financial advice.

Why do you need financial Planning ?

Effective financial planning can help you save, invest and protect what's important to you, make wise spending decisions now, and manage future goals even as they evolve.

Eleganz, Power ?

Eleganz Power product advisory services helps you choose a specific financial instrument from a wide range of options available as a result of our tie-up with financial companies offering services in asset management, life and general protection, specialized financial products, banking & real estate.
Your financial advisor eill take the time to understand you and what you're looking for before offering you a solution. Your advisor can help you take a look at your overall financial situation, risk tolerance, your goal, and offer ideas and product recommendations after an exhaustive and unbiased research.

Our Products

Eleganz Financial Management & Insurance Marketing Pvt.Ltd.

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